Low-code development platform

Connecting Industries

We digitize your production by integrating machine and plant data.
With Orchestra, we enable you to fully network your production data - regardless of where it originates.

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Industrie 4.0 in your hands

With Orchestra you build your own Industrial Suite. Fully modular and tailored to your IIoT use case.

  • Low-code approach thanks to graphical user interface
  • Connection of all relevant IT systems
  • From the control cabinet to the cloud: integration of existing systems and plants
  • Use of production and manufacturing data along the entire value chain
  • Highly scalable through integration of a wide range of protocols and formats
  • Transparent monitoring of your data flows

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Bridging the connectivity gap with Orchestra!

In industry, every machine, every plant and every device can produce huge amounts of data. Wouldn't it be more efficient and resource-saving if you could keep an overview of the entire value chain at all times through intelligent monitoring and transparent processes? With Orchestra, you can network existing machines, devices and robots with each other and thus create the basis for your self-defined IIoT use cases.


Orchestra – Low-Code Development Platform

This white paper gives a deeper insight into our Low-Code Development Platform Orchestra. We not only show the strengths of Orchestra from different perspectives, but also describe its functioning and structure. To receive the white paper, please enter your contact details.

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