The Orchestra Healthcare Edition serves as a health service bus that provides relevant information and content to all participants – from the clinical information system to laboratories and radiology to the established area. This ensures the best possible patient care. 

The Orchestra Industry 4.0 Engine offers a faster and easier connection of production plants as well as data customers, the IT systems. The middleware also enables a complete transparency of the entire value chain. All relevant production information is passed through the solution. In addition, orchestra ensures security, because process data is archived automatically.


Humanization and collaboration – Think across borders! Successful companies need collaboration between employees and departments. Often, however, the various stakeholders, processes, systems and technologies are not networked. Orchestra creates a remedy here and establishes the connections.

Processes and Systems

Whether in manufacturing, laboratory, hospital, bank or warehouse: Orchestra combines processes along the entire value chain, even across system and company boundaries. No matter if you are familiar with ERP, PLM, CRM, PLC, database solutions or proprietary solutions: Orchestra integrates existing systems and harmonizes your IT system landscape sustainably.


Orchestra connects devices, sensors and actuators to complete production facilities. Thanks to Orchestra, the Internet of things can be perfectly integrated into your business processes and your business landscape. Add value to your products and integrate the physical world into your systems.

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