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Learn how to manage your own Orchestra implementation from experienced practitioners. Our courses are outcome based, ensuring that trainees leave with the knowledge they need to run their system. Courses are run by developers, enabling participants to gain knowledge of the latest information and concepts.


Our training services

For users

By the end of the course you will have problem-solving skills and an understanding of industry best practices, allowing you to make the most of your Orchestra subscription.

For developers

In-depth understanding of the product to enable in-house development and maintenance of interfaces and system components.

For strategists

A non-technical course that focuses on industry use cases to enable the development of your Industry 4.0 strategy.



Our certifications - show your expertise!

Our industry recognised accreditations will demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to automation and quality.

Expert status serves as success multiplier - independence, flexibility and agility.

Let us certify your expert know-how!

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