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Conduct your Patient Data

We enable you to transfer patient data inside the hospital, or towards extern institutions safely and fast.
Our most recent example: With Orchestra we automated the transfer of coronatest data to the healthcare instiution and additionally help retracing the Chain of Infection.

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Corona test results

Automated data transfer

In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to comply with the infection protection law and to transmit data from positive tested persons to the health authorities as quickly and securely as possible - with Orchestra we make it happen.
The data can be processed or filtered with Orchestra, for example, and then transmitted to any other parties involved in any format:

  • Tested persons and their environment
  • Health Authority
  • Patient transport
  • Hospital Hygiene
  • Data protection officer
  • Duty scheduling of hospital personnel


AOK implementation

The AOK community is building a digital healthcare network for its policyholders and has taken on a pioneering role in the German health insurance landscape. With the Digital Healthcare Network, its 25 million policyholders will have their health information at their fingertips wherever and whenever they want. From now on it will be very easy to forward information or important documents to the institution needed.


Orchestra enables EHR

According to the German Digital Health Care Act (DVG), health insurance funds must offer their insured persons an electronic patient record (ePA) by January 2021. In this context, the telematics infrastructure (TI) will be expanded to enable a better network in the healthcare sector.


Oncology in Ireland

Orchestra is the key component that enables the interchange of cancer related information across disparate systems throughout Ireland. This enables improved patient outcomes and the creation of a repository to help research and analysis.


Features of Orchestra eHealth Suite

FHIR compatability

The innovative standard for data exchange in healthcare FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is supported by Orchestra.

IHE compliant

IHE was founded in 1997 with a mission to establish a standard for image and data processing in healthcare.

supports DICOM

"Digital Imaging and Communcations in Medicine" (DICOM) is an open standard for the management of image data.

supports HL7v2

The standard HL7 version 2 is in common use in hospitals to enable interoperation between existing systems.

supports HL7v3

The standard HL7 version 3 is used in the entire healthcare sector.

Monitoring mit PRTG

With the help of the PRTG network monitor and the associated Orchestra plugin, it is now possible to monitor Orchestra systems online based on individual dashboards.


Challenges in Healthcare

The Orchestra Healthcare platform enables the interoperation of disparate systems to connect information, patients, and clinicians to improve informed decision making.

Real time information

Orchestra enables immediate availability of accurate real-time information, allowing faster intervention, and improving outcomes.

Robust communication system

The basis for fast data exchange is a smoothly functioning communication system.

Orchestra healthcare platform

The Orchestra healthcare platform enables fast and easy interoperation of all systems in the network.


Orchestra eHealth Suite

Together with IntercomponentWare AG and x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH, we program the Orchestra eHealth Suite in the x-tention group of companies and continue to develop it. The Orchestra eHealth Suite offers powerful, coordinated modules from which customized eHealth solutions can be built. In addition to the modules for the unique identification of patients and service providers, Orchestra eHealth Suite provides a complete electronic patient record for the aggregation of documents, image data and structured medical data. Access-authorized service providers have access to the corresponding patient files via a web portal. Through the patient portal, patients themselves can also view and manage their own records.



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