We are the soffico family!

soffico GmbH is the software development organisation for the x-tention Group. Orchestra is developed in Augsburg, Bangkok, Vienna and Berlin by our international team of highly motivated developers, consultants, designers, support specialists, and partner manager. Our motto is "Work should be fun" and we believe in teamwork to achieve success together.

Our mission

Become the conductor of your data!

Our values

Our values are openness and commitment, honesty, transparency and reliability.


Our new office in the heart of Bavaria!

We are constantly growing therefore we need more space. More space to enrich our creativity, support product development and to attain even more projects. With the newly built Innovation Park in Augsburg, we found the right place for our new office: a modern place to work, which provides relaxing oases and open meeting rooms - the perfect match for our culture.

soffico locations


Located in the heart of Bavaria is our Headquarter, and home to most of our software development team.


Our primary sales office in the capital of Germany to support even more people in becoming the conductor of their data.


Home to one of our development teams is the pulsating capital of Thailand, from here we support our Asian projects and marketplace.


Another location for the development of Orchestra is the beautiful capital of Austria.

soffico THAILAND

We are an international team.

Based in our modern office in the centre of Bangkok, we work as a multi-cultural team to advance the digitisation agenda for Asia in industry, energy and eHealth sectors. In Thailand, we are not only working in close cooperation with the development and consulting teams in Europe, but also with local partners to support regional integration projects.