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With Orchestra we combine internal and external IT systems and services for just-in-time information, agile digital transformation and strategic competitive advantages. Our solution is versatile, simple and reliable.

Orchestra makes you the conductor of your data.

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Orchestra Healthcare Edition


The Orchestra Healthcare Edition ensures interoperability and connects systems. From hospital information systems through laboratory and radiology systems and medical care centres to external service providers. IHE compliant, of course!

Orchestra Industry 4.0 Engine


The Orchestra Industry 4.0 Engine automatizes processes and organizes communication in your IT architecture.
Our software creates the basis for self-analysis, predictive maintenance and automated self-optimization.

Orchestra Juno


Orchestra Juno helps to integrate various cloud applications and services securely into your in-house IT landscape, simply via plug-in/plug-out.
No matter if on premise, private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud – we will individually meet your requirements and you can continue to use your existing IT systems.

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