Orchestra – agile middleware

Combining the Power of People, Business & Things

With Orchestra we combine internal and external IT systems and services for just-in-time information, agile digital transformation and strategic competitive advantages. Our solution is versatile, simple and reliable.

The Orchestra Healthcare Edition ensures interoperability regardless of which systems are used. It combines systems along the entire value chain in the healthcare sector: from hospital information systems, laboratory and radiology systems to external service providers. Of course IHE-compliant!


We bring the service-oriented architecture into production! The Orchestra Industry 4.0 Engine connects all actuators and sensors in the world of the Internet of things. A omnidirectional communication via standard protocols via OPC UA, SOAP and REST services ensures that data and information are delivered just-in-time.


Orchestra makes it easy to create individual functional units and to encapsulate and deliver these units to the user. In addition, microservices can be orchestrated and thus create new value propositions and business models.


Orchestra helps to integrate various cloud applications and services securely into your in-house it landscape, easily via plug-in/plug-out. Whether “on premise“, “private cloud“, “public cloud” or “hybrid cloud”-we will respond to your individual requirements. In doing so, Orchestra significantly reduces the lead time, while also offering a uniquely low footprint and also allowing the continued use of its existing IT systems.


Orchestra combines external and inter-IT systems and services for:

Just-in-time information

Information at the right time, for the right user, along the entire value chain, across system and company boundaries – Orchestra makes it all possible!

Agile digital transformation

Proprietary, monolithic legacy systems transforms into agile, scalable and adaptableable IT system landscapes – thanks to Orchestra and loose coupling!

Competitive advantages

New business models, shorter time-to-market, successful digital transformation – orchestra makes it possible!